Natural Reserve- Virginia Dusk
Natural Reserve- Virginia Dusk

Hardwood Flooring at its best.


Hardwood Flooring is one of the most popular flooring types today due to its truly unique beauty and durability and the value it adds to any home or office. In addition, hardwood floors are much easier to care for than carpeting. Especially if you have pets and/or children who tend to drop potentially carpet-staining items on the floor.



Our Hardwood floors are designed in America and are constructed for beauty, quality and lasting durability. Our wood is a Green product utilizing plantation forest trees whenever possible and each tree is specially selected for its color, grain and texture which helps us to create the most beautiful hues available in nature. Each board is created with:


  • Precise tongue & groove fit - to make installation quick and easy
  • Noise reducing hardwood core
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Diamond Hard seven (7) layer UV Polyurethane with aluminum oxide
  • Repairable and renewable


Finding the perfect style for your room or office has never been easier with our Hardwood Collections. Whether you want the warmth and beauty of the Deep South, the exotic look of the Orient, the natural beauty of Classic wood or anything in between, you'll find it in one of our unique collections.