Welcome to DiamondLiving, LLC

We started Diamond Living as a small family run business and have now grown into a major manufacturer of hardwood and laminate flooring. Our staff has over 100 years of experience in the flooring industry that has culminated in the quality products that we produce. We take pride in a business model in which we value our customers and believe in old-fashioned customer service.

We offer truly unique, long-lasting wood flooring to our customers. We tested hundreds of methods for creating and enhancing our wood flooring products before we finally developed the methods used today. All of our hardwoods are painstakingly selected for the best natural color, texture and grain of the wood, after which each board is individually hand-crafted and treated to become a part of our exclusive collections. Please visit our wood page for description of our latest collections.

The great care we use when creating our laminate flooring has made us one of the top brands in the country. Instead of simply pasting a decor of wood onto each plank, we apply customized hand-crafted treatments to give each board the look and feel of the most exclusive wood species. We also utilize the top locking systems in the world which makes our laminate flooring the quickest and easiest to install without any messy glues. In addition, each board is protected with an exclusive water-resistant finish that gives extra protection against water damage. All of these carefully designed and tested procedures ensure that your laminate floor retains its beauty and elegance for years to come. Please visit our laminate page for description of our latest collections.

Lastly, we offer a variety of underlayment products to go along with your Diamond Living laminate flooring. We have a range of thicknesses and types of underlayments. Our #1 selling underlayment is made from the same material used to make a scuba suit. Water is the number one reason that floors fail. If our underlayment can keep you dry when you jump in the ocean, then you know you can have the peace of mind that it is the perfect choice to protect your flooring investment. We also offer a green product for the environmentally conscious consumer. All of our underlayment products are of the highest quality and offer outstanding sound and impact ratings. Please visit our underlayment page for a description of our latest products.